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if you could live in another place and time: magazine post (2018)

If you could live in another place and time, where would it be, and when and why?

“In the midst of my growing awareness of the extent to which the work of second-wave feminism remains unfinished, I was despondent to realize that there really wasn’t any place, including this one, and time for which I hankered. In none could I imagine a world without the predation of women except perhaps an invented place and time. Margaret Cavendish created one in The Blazing World and Charlotte Perkins Gilman in Herland. Ursula LeGuin fashioned a world without sexual prejudice, although not without violence, in The Left Hand of Darkness. The one that tugs at my heart is Begum Rokeya Shakhawat Hossain’s Sultana’s Dream because it cultivates a world for women out of the elements of my dreams for a renewed green earth in which ‘every creeper, every tomato plant is an ornament.’ Perhaps now I will invent a place and time of my own.”


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