SAWYER SEMINAR ON "PRECISION AND UNCERTAINTY IN A WORLD OF DATA" 2019-2021                                                      Khan, Das, Greene

While organization for the Sawyer Seminar is underway, I provide here the opening paragraph of our proposal as a general introduction to our approach to the theme of a world of data:

"1. Central Questions and Significance: Our proposed Sawyer Seminar, Precision and Uncertainty in a World of Data, will bring together scholars from the humanities, social sciences, sciences, law and medicine, and artists in order to explore the variegated nature of uncertainty produced within a data saturated environment. Our aim is to examine how big data, which holds out the promise of precision and certainty, also proliferates uncertainties within domains of practice. This line of inquiry is an opportunity for us to generate an interdisciplinary conversation into the new challenges posed to scientific inquiry and social institutions by the consolidation of computational analysis, machine learning and the generation of big data.  While remaining attentive to the advances made by the field of digital hbanties to harness the potential of these developments for humanistic inquiry, we are specifically interested to parse out the changeability, suspicion, riskiness as well as the creativity introduced by date within scholarly protocols, modes of governance, in the texture of social relations, as well as in artists' imagination.  Johns Hopkins University, with departments and programs focused on the study of data, media and technology, with strengths in scientific, medial, and humanities research, and its commitment to putting them in creative relations to produce knowledge for the world, is uniquely well suited to host this seminar..."

More Forthcoming

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